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Monday, March 22, 2010

Reflection about LEAP Week, Day 1:

1) 3 things I have learnt are:

i) Creativity is coming up with new ideas.
ii) Innovation is bringing ideas to life.
iii)Innovation takes time.

2) 2 things that can be improved on:

i) The workshop could have been extended as I felt it is very cramped together.
ii) There should have been more exhibits.

3) 1 important thing I have learnt:

Innovation does not have to be something big and it can happen anytime/anywhere.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

The three main points I had learnt from the activities at the camp is respect,teamwork and communication.

These pointers will help me when I am doing a project with my friends. You need all these pointers as it will help you to achieve your team's goal.

I would definitely choose abseiling as I did not do it properly during the camp. I was not listening to instructions. When the specialist told me to lean back,I did not listen as I was too scared. I want to overcome my fear of heights and be able to do the abseiling properly the next time I go for camp.

I would definitely want to be braver and overcome my fear of heights. I am now brave enough to lead 104 to do the class cheer. For the fear of heights,it is not getting any better. I was really terrified when I was doing the abseiling. I wish that I would not be scared anymore so that doing all the activities at the camp would be easy and fun.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What is education in SST all about?

The school name itself is Science and Technology. SST focuses more on Science and Technology. SST allows us to learn beyond what teachers can teach us by allowing us to use a laptop. The internet has so much information. Some useful and some not. So we have to be wise when surfing the net. SST wants to offer something different,something other school do not offer. Applied learning is something new. I think SST offers a great education.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I understand that we must learn beyond what the teachers in SST can teach us. The world is our school. We,SST students, are very fortunate as we are one of the secondary schools that use laptops in school. We should use the opportunity given to us in the right ways. Meaning,we should not use the laptop to play games but instead use it to learn in depth of a particular subject.

This will help us as we will be smarter students and be ready for the world. This is for our own benefit. We should not be forced to study but willing to learn all the things that a teacher cannot possibly teach us.

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I understand that we must have the undying sprit of teamwork in order to achieve what we want in life. I think that my determination helps me achieve my goals. I should have more confidence in myself in everything that I do so that I will do a better job at that particular thing. I will support my classmates so that they will feel important in that group work.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tomorrow,040110! FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! OMG! :D It finally came. I can't wait to meet new teachers and friends. At the same time,I feel scared and shy. Everything is new. Nothing that I am familiar with. I will be in school very early. I wonder what I can do? Read I supose.

Now here I am,trying to make my blog as nice as possible. I love it! :D Please tag! Love ya! Shall blog about tomorrow. kays,bye!

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

I was on holiday in Bangkok,Thailand when my mum received a phone call from SST. I got accepted! No words could describe how happy I was. At that time I was in a taxi on my way to the Grand Palace. As soon as I got off,I started jumping up and down. My family was laughing at my enthusiasm. Actually, I was offered a place at Singapore Chinese Girls' School(SCGS) but my appeal got accepted and transfered over to SST.

I choose this picture as the words reflects my feeling when I got accepted to SST. Actually,I am beyond happy. When I did not get through by DSA i felt a little discouraged but I brought myself together and pulled it through. I am so glad that I appealed for SST as I feel the way of teaching is very different from mainstreamed schools and I like different.

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